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Public and Governmental Affairs

Helping clients with government regulations

Members of the firm represent U.S. and foreign business clients in their dealings with government agencies and regulatory bodies at the local, state, and federal levels. We track, monitor, and help to draft legislation. We provide a wide range of legal reviews regarding diverse actions related to government agencies and their regulatory processes. Carlsmith is known for its deep roots in Hawaii and its strong presence in California, and is recognized for its team work, civility, and collegiality.

The Public and Governmental Affairs Group provides creative, strategic and tactical solutions and cost-effective services to its clients in several areas, including:

  • Compliance with regulatory requirements in diverse subject areas that are regulated by federal, state, and county governments.
  • Initiation of regulatory proceedings, including filing of a complaint for relief or a petition for rule-making.
  • Applications for regulatory permits or approvals required for a particular project.
  • Responses to requests for proposals issued by government agencies for public works projects.
  • Administrative agency contested case proceedings, including judicial appeals of agency decisions.
  • Public-private partnership for specific projects.
  • Assisting with the procurement of government contracts with federal, state and county agencies.
  • Monitoring, tracking, and in some cases, helping to draft legislation.
  • Strategic counseling and government affairs services for clients on public policy issues involving local and federal administrative staff, county councils, the State Legislature and Congress.